Monday, July 25, 2005


Lots been keeping me from getting online since my last entry.

And whatever little time I spent online, I browse briefly.

"Geez, it's been such a busy week. Between work and social engagements, i can hardly find the time to breathe."
- Sandra @

"I haven't had the heart to blog much" - April @

"I just wanna hibernate" - Andrea @

Looks like lots of peeps been keeping busy too:
Xiaxue's email and blog has been hacked

Born Into Brothels

"Quick delivery, to and from Solectron, TN." - Standards

In Osaka / Kobe

Well, I've keeping lots of late nites the pass few days.
Now I've gotta run, there's a class full of noisy and hyper kids waiting for me 45mins away.

When I get the chance, more updates on what I've been doing for the pass few nights.
Oooh, my aching butt cheeks.

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Blogger Ivy said...

Aching buttocks... now that is something blog worthy. Tell, do tell! ^__^

26/7/05 2:16 am  

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