Friday, October 14, 2005

iPod evolution

Finally! The convergence of all the media into one thin, sleek mobile device. So cooool!

I'm gonna be waiting to see how many generations of iPod I can live to see evolve. Since the day I had a colour screen on my cell phone, I knew the iPod would eventually come with a colour screen.

But what is really getting my heart pounding is that Apple is gonna be selling TV shows from ABC, Disney and most probably more major producers via the iTune store, WOW! Current shows without commercials available the day after they are shown on network TV - downloads of Desperate Housewives and LOST for just US$1.99 - for a 1 hour episode! I wonder what the compression quality would be like.

Maybe I can religiously buy up all the LOST episodes and forget about getting the DVD box set. LOL
And I have not even considered buying the new iPod yet, MuhaHahA!
Christmas wish...

2 Bones !! ~

Blogger Ivy said...

I wonder if that would tap into the DVD sells of an entire season of "(plug in show name)"

Very cool indeed.

15/10/05 3:17 am  
Blogger GlassDog said...

I dun think the DVD sales would be affected at all, the compression of the files already made sure of that. But I like the idea of getting single episodes for keeps.

30/10/05 1:46 am  

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