Saturday, March 24, 2007


That's so you: waiting for the perfect moment to wreak a little havoc on the offender du jour. Because you don't react in a noticeable way immediately following someone's gaffe, you have the element of surprise working in your favor. Long after a perpetrator has forgotten about a flaming faux pas, you remind the perp and a group of friends about "the incident." This works on two powerful levels: 1) it stuns the perp into quiet submission; and 2) it teaches other guests a lesson in respect. Anyway, that just about sums up your Friday. Saturday is less calculated and more spontaneous, particularly during the morning and afternoon. You don't feel like obediently responding to another's call to action, and instead do whatever you want to. This willful disregard for someone's rules is like savoring the most scrumptious soul food. Occasionally, it's gratifying to assert that You are the Boss of You. Sunday morning cries out for inspiration, peace and a dash of healing. Even though you won't feel like coping with a crowd, you can benefit from affirmative group energy that demands little from you, but feeds you nonetheless.

Pretty much my Friday.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Just back from visiting Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam a few day ago. And still trying to get normalised to life back here... it was not a long trip just a 4 day thingy I did over the weekend, but it left me with a deep and rather unforgettable impression. Somewhat enchanting.

A few days have passed and yet I've been thinking of HCMC and the friends I met for the first time, almost everyday.

I'm still trying to figure out the charm of HCMC and it's people, perhaps after I've settled back to normalcy I would be able to look back in retrospect and write down my thoughts...

The postcard I sent to myself on the second day I was in HCMC just arrived in the mail today. One week for postal delivery is not that bad, reading a postcard from myself is kinda... erm, nostalgia.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Apartment

con't from previous very indescriptive post

Once dispensed with the usual pleasantries at the door, I enter through the dark wrought-iron gate, adorned with dense potted green plants. Stepping past the heavy wooden door with rivets and plate details, the apartment is illuminated in the warm glow of tungsten lamps, a soft cozy and relaxing ambiance. The coarse grinded walls in tones of beige or yellow together with generous use of wood paneling gave the whole apartment a charm that is all at once rustic and yet modern.

A few feet about the staircase hangs a modernistic wrought-iron chandelier, a simple and uncluttered design, providing most of the warmth glow in the room.

All around the living room are little knickknacks and memorabilia on every surface, assuringly placed, in a meticulous painstaking way by the lady of the house.

Ascending up to the room, you will find the same detail and theme that is consistent throughout. In the study just as delicately lithe with a soft warm glow of light, a wall covered with photo frames - pictures of the couple and memories of happy times together. Right opposite that wall of frames is a floor to ceiling thick wooden shelf packed with all kinds of books, design and reference materials mostly.

On the opposite side of the stairway from the study, is the room that had me in awe.

Closing the door behind, to keep the dust out, you turn around to be faced with an amazing sight of a small room that is being converted into a wardrobe. From the floor to ceiling clothes of varied colours and style are hung, in double tier. Narrow mirrors attached at the edge of each side of the open wardrobe. And placed neatly nearer to the carpeted floor are shoes of various designs and style to match. A day bed covered in intricate floral detailing, tucked against a wall have bags and clutch purses placed and spaced neatly apart. There is also just enough space hidden behind the open wardrobe, for an enclave to change.

Even right now I am still being totally overwhelmed by the mere sight of the collection in that small room. This is one of those kinda thing that will stick in my head for the longest time.

Sorry photos were taken, as it is just so unkrool in the presence of such materialistic awesomeness. My bad.