Friday, April 29, 2005

Going away

Text and calls kept coming thru my mobile the whole morning, almost draining the battery and it's not even noon yet.

Most of the calls were coming thru for some last minute photo assignment, so there was a mad scramble of calls all round. But alast, the budget was off and the shot was cancelled. I was all hyped up and raring to go too, what a let down.

On the other end, I've decided to take off to some Indonesian resort island for 3 days, it's the May Day long weekend. So there's quite a few last minute calls and reservations to be make. Need to take a break and sometime away from these square rooms.

Won't be having any photo memories from this trip, cause my favorite travelling digital camera is on holiday in China with a friend. Didn't expect to be missing that camera :(

I'm hoping that this trip would be relaxing and stress free, nothing planned though and my first time heading off alone. I should pick my books right too.

Oh, this also meant that I missed out on going to that nice Japanese restaurant I was hoping to go, before the end of the week. *Bummer*

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sweltering heat

Oppressively hot and humid; sultry.
And it's not even June yet, it's supposed to be cooler weather now.
I'm jumping in and out of the shower, and I can feel the heat radiating off the walls in the shower stall.

At least the laundry's drying out fast.

Good thing this heat is not affecting my mood, in fact I feel rather calm and satisfied. Could be because I did well for my first session on the bike today, *yukyukyuk*

Oh, guess I should turn down the air-conditioning too *WOoHOoo*
I wish for Spring, Fall and Winter...

Monday, April 25, 2005

Z'en Food

I just discovered a new distraction, at least it's good till the end of the month.
Someone whispered in my ears (Sunday afternoon) that there is a new restaurant in town, Japanese no less, that's having a 50% off promo. Drinks not inclusive, in any case, glass of wine is only $9!

So I've been planning on going to savour the fine Japanese cuisine at Z'en. Texted a couple of people in my address book and awaiting for replies, so far no takers. Huit! 50% off fine Japanese cuisine, why no interest?? It's very bad to go to a nice Japanese restaurant alone, even worst when they're offering a 50% discount, hahaha, even for a Japanese.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


I've fallen into a self-withdrawn state and am taking a step back from my surroundings, so that I can refocus and snap out of the depression. Had been filling my time looking for distractions and trying to fill up all those blank slots in my mostly empty organiser.

Also been wondering if it's possible to just drop everything and head off in search of a different life, from scratch. Such bold daydreams, very tempting. Maybe an extended backpacking trip thru Australia, while helping out with farming harvests to fund the exploration. Strawberry plucking *hmmmm*...

But alast, unless there's some dire change to my current situation, I would not be making that decision to roam, anytime soon. I'm getting by fine for now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Had been mentally exhausted and physically tired, I was unconcious even before I hit the bed. But I still managed to read through a couple of blogs, which added to my own sadness.

Been having this feeling and occasional daydream of memories past, of another life that could have had been. Happy memories, if only it lasted.

I wonder what the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is all about. Been resisting the urge to watch it, since I have not gotten over my own depression, but when I get around to renting it I hope it's worth my time.

Time for a swim and tan, need the glow.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Random loop

Since you left
I have been consumed
by the usuals, as they come
anger, denial, anger
depression from anger
feeling of lost, regrets
the whole shebang
on a random loop

While constantly
a little voice goes
choose Love
it's less painful
but it was still hard to let go
even if it was hurting

So on this walk home yesterday
I listened to the voice
Broke this random loop
and felt my heart skipped a beat
The memories that we've shared over the years
The love that we had

I don't missed you as much now
My dreams are still as quiet as the nights
In fact there are no more dreams
As it had always been, even while we're together

There's just no dreams
When I fall into quiet slumber


So I've really been nodding off big time for the past few days, and I've just stirred from almost falling flat onto my keyboard.

I am predicting that I'll be having a hard time getting ready for my bike licence theory test, if this keeps up. *YawN... yAwN* @_@
But then again, look at the time! **yAwN...YAwN**

Just need to put up some thoughts I had yesterday, before my nightly memory flush and reprieve. **yAwN**

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Dozed off

I had my fav show on TV, when the brain just decides to switch off and the next thing I know it's daybreak.

This afternoon, I finally got myself out to register for my preliminary bike licence, so hopefully that'll be done within the next 4 months *grins* am also thinking maybe I should get a pilot licence too or a basic diving licence.

I'm already eyeing the Vespa series *drool*

Monday, April 11, 2005


Can't quite put a finger on it, but it feels like a headache.
Could be the heat getting to me or early stages of the flu.

Then there's this depression thing that seems to be returning on a monthly or lunar cycle, if there's such a thing. Coupled this with the falling sick feeling, I'm beginning to think maybe I should get a few stiff one to float the brain.

I hate drinking for one, good thing for paracetamol.
Hope the brain makes up its mind on what it wants this to be.

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Occasionally, life ask of us what it thinks we can handle.

More often than not, these are trying times and life altering.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Walk in the rain

I jumped off my chair and headed out the door, to the movie, to the movie I went. Got me the tix into the 4.50 pm show at Cathay for a Japanese flick - Install (インストール)
The story revolves around a dreamy 17-year-old schoolgirl, Asako, who is disillusioned with the mendacity of study and her impending exams. She then meets her neighbour a 10-year-old boy, Kazuyoshi, who runs an erotic internet chat business tucked away from prying eyes in a closet in his bedroom on behalf of a married siren named Miyabi.
On my way into town, the sky opened up and the rain just came falling down, not the usual piter-pater of rain droplets, today we had a concentrated outpouring of rapid droplets splashing and smashing down all around.

It took me awhile, but I prevailed. Yes, even the rain did not dampen my spirits from craving for some satisfying irreverence that only a silly Japanese flick could provide.

Ever made a conscious effort to walk in the rain? It's quite a feeling, just ask Gene Kelly.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Gotta Give

Finally got around to watching Something's Gotta Give. Though the script is somewhat predictable, it was just the escapist entertainment I needed for the night. The french tunes throughout most part of the show were also pretty peppy.

Michelangelo was there

In the Vatican City, if you looked. Even beside the Pope, as he laid there at St Peter's Basilica, before the entombment in the grotto below the church alongside popes of centuries past.

I had always thought them to be the Vatican Guards but they are really known as the Swiss Papal Guards. And even though the uniforms of the Swiss Guard are alleged to have been designed by Michelangelo, I had always believed it to be Michelangelo anyway.

Such bohemian flamboyance don't you think? The colours of the guard's uniforms are inspired from the Flag of the Swiss Guard.

In memory

Pope John Paul II died on Saturday March 2nd (Sunday March 3rd, S'pore time)

The world over, had it all over their news so I won't go further.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Lost & Found

Got me a ring in San Jose
I would somehow loose it
Imagine huge carpark beside office building in Hayward, Cal.
Kim came up to me and went "Oh, see what I found in the carpark today..." Kim drives a red hot Mustang GT convertable
Another time, someone brought it back from the restroom
Can't recall any other adventures
Blame it on my 3 sec goldfish memory
1.. 2.. 3..
These days this ring reminds me of the ups and downs of life's challenges (so many Ssses)
Looping the infinite loop it goes *woooowooooowoooo*

Things lost and found always have a special place

Lis lost a piece of bird shit

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Over at Wikipedia's English homepage yesterday, there was a featured story of sophisticated exploration into the history of toilets and lavatory paper. Buried somewhere in there was the following revelation, it is perhaps then that the womenfolks of the 1860s were more ingenious and upstanding *sic*
Before and during the Meiji Era, urinals were commonly used by both men and women. Traditionally, a kimono is worn without underwear, and the females merely pulled up their kimono, and with an upward pull on their vulva, were able to direct the urine forward into the urinal.
But for those who don't wanna get their manicured nails dirty, could always use the patented Pee-mates. Would most probably help to cut down on those long lines of waiting.

And while you're at it, this could very well be the ultimate in equal gender rights - stand up for your right to Pee. Perhaps the likes of women's urinal might become popular afterall.