Sunday, July 31, 2005

I went I saw I liked


That's just because I'm still up, this late on a Saturday nite or early on a Sunday morning.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Aching con't

LOL - I ended my last entry, about aching butt cheeks.

Seriuosly, Ivy. I'm getting so much hits thru that link on your blog that I will clarify this matter as promised and not leave it hanging any longer.

Blame it on Tennis, ever since Wimbledon ended.
So there, anti-climax, lol.

That remimds me, my new neighbour been making lots of noise these pass few nights. It gets rather distracting and hard for me to get to sleep. I wonder what she takes to keep up so late. I know that it's a she, cause I actually have to go knock on their door to tell them to keep it down. That's like already 1am and I've been having to get up really early these days.

There was once when I could literally hear a pin (nail or screw) drop, LOL. I pray their bed hold strong, and that they don't get aching buttocks.

Monday, July 25, 2005


Lots been keeping me from getting online since my last entry.

And whatever little time I spent online, I browse briefly.

"Geez, it's been such a busy week. Between work and social engagements, i can hardly find the time to breathe."
- Sandra @

"I haven't had the heart to blog much" - April @

"I just wanna hibernate" - Andrea @

Looks like lots of peeps been keeping busy too:
Xiaxue's email and blog has been hacked

Born Into Brothels

"Quick delivery, to and from Solectron, TN." - Standards

In Osaka / Kobe

Well, I've keeping lots of late nites the pass few days.
Now I've gotta run, there's a class full of noisy and hyper kids waiting for me 45mins away.

When I get the chance, more updates on what I've been doing for the pass few nights.
Oooh, my aching butt cheeks.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Time sure fly by
Things seemed easier
now that time have taken its toll

There's somewhere I want to get to
When I finally get there
What happens next?
I'm gonna find myself some good buys

If getting there is half the fun
When I finally get there
Must I keep going?
I'm gonna make sure it last

Had a nice Viet meal the other nite
Porkchop, poached eggs & rice
Looking at the dish, made me smile
There it was, right on the dish ~
The pig was committed
while the chicken was involved

It was not a long night
There was no commitment
and no spirits was involved either

But there is still a half bottle of Absolute
waiting for me at IndoChine

Have a early day ahead - 6am
Time to get some sleep

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Last night was spectacular
Never thought it could last so long

It was an amazing exchange
The grunts, the intense moments
The longest exchange of strokes ever

Then, Venus Williams won the Wimbledon Ladies' Final 4-6, 7-6 (4), 9-7 victory over Lindsay Davenport

I was so rooting for Lindsay to win, guess the younger Williams' stamina had the advantage over Davenport's bad back.

I've been out of action on this blog over the last week...
I had a little setback with one of my bike assessment, but I managed to pass my theory paper on HWY code, LOL. It'd would have been embarrassing to have failed that, esp since I'd already hold a Class 3 lic.

Also, the month long school holiday is finally over and I've already started new classes for 2 schools.
Next week onwards, every early morning, there would be a lot of travelling for me going to the school of my childhood.
Maybe I should consider taking up temporary residence back at my parent's *GASP*
Or I should really get my bike license really soon.

It's Sunday, and I'm not in church... ooooh
It's the first Sunday of the month too... my bad
Late night, and to think I thought I'd be up in time to go
Had set my alarm to ring this morning,
The alarm did go off
But the brain decided it can nap a few minutes more
Which eventually turned out to be an hour

I would be spending this Sunday fussing around my Mac some more *GRIN*