Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Survived the drugs!

So I’ve finally gotten around the drugs, wow!…. cold turkey… lol. How many days was I out… hmm…emm…heh… my brain’s still not too clear, must be too much sleep… a couple more hours and I should be walking straight again.

Looking over at Coco and I realised how thick around the waist she is getting, since when…emm… I think I recall the past few days in my hazy state of mind, that she had been eating all my dinner these past few nights.

- Frost

Friday, August 27, 2004

Feeling high on drugs

Always wondered what it would feels like to have a belly piercing, probably nothing close to what I have to go through today.

The effects of the drugs that keep me from feeling the the pain is quite something, feels like a feather but a real drag to move even an inch.

Still very light-headed now so I will keep this short - they used an electric shaver on me, and they forgot to apply any moisturizer after - I think I can feel a couple of ‘razor burns’.

Let’s hope the drug don’t wear off too soon.

- Frost

Thursday, August 26, 2004

House of the Flying Daggers - Aftermath

What you see here is part of my first phase installation art, it was inspired from the recent movie release of ZhangYiMou - House of the Flying Daggers, what I have attempted to recreate here is the bamboo forest aftermath.

This first attempt at installation art was not an easy task, as I am constantly conflicted with intense emotions and vivid visions which needed to be refined, so that my final result would accurately represent that specific moment.

On top of that, I have only my paws and teeth to work with, not to mention the materials with which I have to work with was not easily available - which I have to spend quite some effort and time to aquire.

Now that the artwork is completed, both Frost and myself are proud of the resulting representation and would like to thank all who have supported us.

Watch this space for our next exciting new installation.

(The editor would like to highlight that there would be no caning tonight, as capital punishment by cane is not condone and neither was the material - namely “cane” readily available around the house)

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Raining dogs and howling winds

It’s been a couple of months since there’s been any rain, so it’s a good thing it poured today. But it always freaks me out everytime the wind picks up just before the rain and starts howling, I don’t really want to rant about it now maybe another lifetime, yah?

Anyway once all the howling stops and the heavy rain begin to pour I find it’s actually quite easy to dose off. Not that I like lazing around all today - Ooh no, not me.

It’s just that cool and cosy days like today don’t happen often and if you are as lucky as I am, have a nap on a lap it is simply just divine - I can be so lucky.

Naps are absolutely essential for every dog, helps to maintain a well balanced state of mind. So that’s how I spend my day, hope your day is just as gratifiying.

- Coco

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Rumbling nights

Today’s been a warm warm day, and the water dish been dry out since 4pm and noone bothered to fill it up. I’ll have to bite a few heels tonight to show who’s boss around the house.

So as compensation, I get to sleep on anything I very well please… tonight - a soft, warm tummy will do.

Ooh!! I think I hear something kicking inside… lemme put a paw on it…
Aawww… false alarm, false alarm…. just some rumbling noise, hope it stops before I go insane…

Sadly, this soft cushy tactile effect is not easily available or replaceable so I guess I’ll just have to put up with the rumblings for tonight.

Someone pls turn off the lights and keep the night light on.

- Coco

Monday, August 23, 2004

Shit Floats

Do you know how to tell a good wine from a not so good wine.

Well… neither do I.

But I managed to get a little sniff of some red wine last night, I believe it to be from the french regions… but I’ll have to ask my french poodle friend, I will tell you about him another day.

The wine’s red, I can’t read labels so there’s no telling which winery it came from, the label’s probably in french. Anyway, I managed to get hold of the nice chewy part from the top of the bottle, after it was opened, I must say it is quite tasty and chewy. Had a blast last night, wished you were here.
Discovered something strange this morning, my poo poo’s floating on water refusing to get flushed… must be something I ate.

- Frost

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Perky phone tunes

It never fails to get me excited whenever the phone rings, not that any of my friends do call at all, it’s just that all these new cell phone ring tunes are, Ooh so… perky.

Anyway, the cell phone rang today.
I might have gotten a little carried away trying to pick it up… it is not entirely my fault, do you know that ‘em cell phone can move on its own, mine tried to wriggle away… so my animal instints took over and I took a nibble at it.

The rest is history and some bits can still be found in my poo poo *blush*

p.s. I just found out from a friend - Sparky from StarHub, that she still have an older Nokia model in her tummy still works fine.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Movie Nite

Finally got the chance to watch 50 First Dates.
I had to wait for the DVD rental because they don’t allow dogs into the cinema.

The show was hilarious, had me falling off the sofa and rolling on the floor.

The story was good too, makes my tummy warm.
And Drew Berrymore looked good in this show too, have an urge to dive into her hair and snuggle.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hammie incident

A funny thing happened, when I went to visit a friend last night, while waiting at the lift lobby for said friend to appear.

The lift doors opened
A hamster was inside sniffing he air (kinda like a mouse)
Me: Amazed
Hammie: Seems to know what it is doing
Hammie: Slow-mo towards the opened lift to exit
Hammie: Missed footing, rear paws could not reach beyong gap between lift-landing
Me: Holding puppy back
Hammie: Slipped thru gap into the deep dark abyss

The puppy could hardly get a whiff of hammie's scent from beyond the dark abyss, just a very heavy greasy smell. So I send out a call for a help, they said they would send the Hamtaro Rescue Swat Team sometime this year.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Get covered

While contemplating the meaning of beauty sleep, a tedious effort indeed. We decided that its best to experience it first hand, so a little power nap for us.

This particular napping position keeps our behind covered while we nap – you’d never know when a prick would sneak up from behind and spoil an otherwise wonderful nap.