Sunday, May 29, 2005

Speed Dating

Getting right back to having an extra agenda with speed dating, *heehee* - not that kind.

So there I was, merely an observer and extra assistance to the organisers for the speed dating event - my role was to get the men to move from table to table once their time with the gals are up. (Two gals per table and you get to choose who you wanna partner with, so that the other don't steal your thunder)

From what I gathered during their 5 minute break, most conversations went like -
"I'm in the wine business..."
"I own a business in Global Enterprise Networking..."
"I fly around a lot for work and gives speeches..."
"I'm 32..."
"Yadi yada"

Does what we work as, really define us as a person?

Won't that be stereotyping and social typecasting?

So it was then that when the whole event ended, one of the better looking participant with friend in tow, it was obvious the friend was just being dragged along, came over to the bar where I was seated and spoke to me...

What follows is the conversation as much as I could remember

"Oh, I was wondering all nite if you were with the organisers..."
In my mind I went *Duh!* I was like moving around all night shooing guys around, or otherwise preoccupied with snacks at the bar *Hahaha*

So I was a little surprised about that and was so not ready with an answer and the words that rolled out
"Yes I am, did you have a good time?"
I was already feeling awkward and laughing inside.

"My name's ..."
"I'm in the wine business."

The name exchange was the easy part, I gagged at the wine business part. *Hahahaha*
I dun want to be bitchy, so I won't do a breakdown about what when on in my mind when I hear that. And I don't remember if I gave a reply, but I think there was at least an acknowledgement from me that I heard it. I was saved by an interruption, when quite a few people needed to pass right thru. *haha*

So there, if you'd only have 5 minutes to impress someone, what would it be sir?
Would you like your wine, matured and full-bodied? Or would you prefer a smooth and fruity Riesling? *Grin*

I love wine, been drinking lots lately...

Shattered dreams

"So much for your promises
They died the day you let me go...

What does it take to find love, are there even people that still subscribe to the concept of love?

Helped host a speed dating event tonight
It would seem that most people there had an extra agenda on their mind

More after I get some sleep

Friday, May 27, 2005


It's not how much wine it takes but the company that you have, that makes it all seem so much better.

But the wine did helped to make the escargot taste so much better

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Medieval Quest

I rode my steed on the congested path towards the eastern kingdom

With stealth, I sneaked pass the guards at the gate and made my way through dense foliage and thick undergrowth to the foot of the prison tower

Some distance up above an opened window on the side of this cold prison tower, under the blazing noon sun, I could see those soft white curtains fluttering out into the soft warm breeze.


The princess in the tower was in deep slumber with a spell of fever

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Beginning of the end

A month for every year
it's been eight long years

There were many happy memories
the great times we spent together
the laughters and the joy

We shared, we ventured and we learned
the wonders of the world and the life we had

Till death do us part

I guess the death of love
was all it took, to see how we'd live
this life - apart

"It takes 3 seconds to fall in love
but 3 decade to get along..."

This love would never return again
but it'll always be in my heart

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bloody insane

Everytime I get into the swing of things and it starts to begin feeling like a familiar routine, I stop thinking. Which was also why I stopped bloggin for a while there, it was almost too monotonous, but really its not.

Side note.
LaSalle-SIA just got back to me about an application that I'd put in a couple months back, and decided that I should resubmit my application for a Master's programme instead. *grin*

Been brooding lately, it's always the same thing over and over again.

If that is the truth, why keep it a secret?
It's not the truth, but the secret part that I have an issue with.

Everybody's insane!! At least some people are honest.

Can someone tell me how dangerous is an can an open heart be?

I bloody have to come across this song today. It's a good song, it's just not the right time - ever.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Crashed again

My O2 xda crashed last nite, AHHHHHhhhahhhh I give up *sulk*
Now all the info & appointments that I've in there is totally wiped

I was waiting for an incoming call, ain't got the other party's number, so there was no way I could call them
Dire straits *AhhhAAhhhhhHHH*

Made a dash down town, to get me a new phone.
I got the Sony Ericsson K700i and because there was a promo tie-up with the new Star Wars movie release in two week's time, I got quite a few Star Wars merchandise stuffed into the bag too. Mugs, t-shirts, phone pouch, lanyard...

So I've got a phone now, but all the info & appointments are still missing... I hope I don't miss anything. Did I say I missed my Powerbook? Well, it's been IONS since it's been at the service centre and there's still no sign of it getting fixed anytime soon. *Poop*

Met up with sucidal girl last nite for dinner, after I got the phone.
She had her hair cut short, it used to be all the way down to her waist. She seemed a strong gal and handling her recent seperation rather well, she's getting over the it. The girl's been loading up on high spirits and getting drunk, at least she's safe.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Social Circle

It's been eight months since
Beginning to feel that perhaps...
I've been feeling a little dreaded
Time to make some changes
Time to break out of this rut

these new acquaintances
are fast becoming friends

Met them the first time
on a tropical island
Off that island and back to another
It's been work all day for them
Maybe we'll get together again

Barely knew them, went club hopping
already one of 'em have offered to model nude
for my first solo show
if I get around to it

Then there's another
Had a recent breakup, was suicidal
I touched the fine razor scars on her wrist
I think she's getting over it now

One more
DJ prodigy

Not stopping here
Contemporary artist
and gallery owner

And when I do get the chance to get back to the Bay area
Ivy, Michelle? and good 'ol Jacq too

The horizon looks pretty exciting
when you're at the bottom of everything
the only direction is up?


Worked all day, par-tay all night.

Kids all hyper and screaming in their pitched voices, quite a din but it's been fun. It's a good thing that this will be the last and final class for them, cause their exams are around the corner. So that means I get some low time to look for other distractions.

Later the same day in some obscure corner of town, sipping iced tea. I split my fries over some details for a gallery's image revamp. Looks like I'll be getting myself invited to some swanky openings, I hope they've got some good wine. *HaHa*

On Smallville tonight, Clark Kent meets the Flash.

In romping order - Thumper, Bar None, Living Rm, IndoChine@Wisma, Attica & Attica too. Lots of Burbon, some Vodka and a couple of Heineken. Ooh and my first taste of some Wasabi potatoe chips *bleach* taste better with more spirits.

DJ @ AtticaTooAttica too is a nice place to do whatever you do at a club. Yes, I likey liked. FYI, lotsa good lookin Caucasians abound here. It's out by Clarke Quay and I got in free *grin* drinks too.

Ok so I got into every single one of 'em free, drinks included. It's good to hang out with a couple of hot chicks who knows the who's who of the nite life, I was impressed.

Right, so I was home again around 3am, make a guess what time I woke this morning. *HahaHa* I think it's funny.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

What was that??

Whisky and beer was the poison for the night, got a little high but I'm not drunk. Why do I keep telling myself that? Got home feeling light & floaty, it's already sometime after 4am when I was done with a quick shower.

Woke up bright and early - 8am.
There was this happy tune beat looping in my head, got no idea where it came from or even remotely recognised what the tune was. This had never happened to me before but it woke me up at 8am!! No hangover, but I'm wide awake at 8am!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Alright, I've been expecting this but it took a day longer to set in.

I'm having the post-holiday moods, I'm getting a little hyper and very fidgety. I heard someone mentioned that it's ladies' nite at most places tonight, so I've broadcast out a msg to see if I can get myself invited anywhere.

From my self-medicating guess, the only cure for post-holiday moods is, either find something really exciting at work or meet up with the same bunch of happy people to slowly unwind out of it. *HahaHa* So since I'm still not back into the swing of work yet, I'm gonna get into swirling my drinks. *Grin* ^_^

I can tell I'm alittle more peppy after going for the unplanned break, this is definitly good for the soul.

Ivy, you were right!
I should do this more often ^_^

And April, thanks for the link up on your blog, I'm actually getting hits through it WOW I wonder who those peps are. Also, I'm sure your Bali trip would be more that excellent and even though I'd never seen you in a bikini before I'm sure you'll look great in it, blow 'em away. *YukyukYuk*


如果有一天 我回到从前

如果有一天 我离你遥远

当你喝可乐 当你吵
我想对你好 你从来不知道
想你 想你 也能成为嗜好

我想对你说 却害怕都说错
好喜欢你 知不知道

如果有一天 梦想都实现

如果有一天 我们都发觉
也许让我想得太多 也许该回到被窝
梦里会相遇 就毫不犹豫
大声的说 我要说
我想对你说 却害怕都说错
好喜欢你 知不知道

Such carefree lyrics, the anticipation of love is Ooh so intoxicating.

*Gasp* This sudden barrage of song lyrics today is brought on, by my incidental reading of April's entry, which brought back some memories. The next time round I'll try to restrain myself a little. *HahaHaha*

Late night listenings

If I caught the world in a bottle
And everything was still beneath the moon
Without your love would it shine for me
If I was smart as Aristotle
And understood the rings around the moon
What would it all matter if you loved me

Here in your arms where the world is impossibly still
With a million dreams to fulfill
And a matter of moments until the dancing ends
Here in your arms when everything seems to be clear
Not a solitary thing would I fear
Except when this moment comes near the dancing's end

If I caught the world in an hourglass
Saddled up the moon so we could ride
Until the stars grew dim, Until...

Kate & Leopold Soundtrack
by Sting


Foolish Heart
I need a love that grows
I don't want it unless I know
But with each passing hour
Someone, somehow will be there
Ready to share

I need a love that's strong
I'm so tired of being alone
But will my lonely heart
Play the part
Of the fool again, before I begin

Steve Perry's

Birth date

Nov 20
Your birth on the 20th day of the month adds a degree of emotion, sensitivity, and intuition to your reading. The 2 energy provided here is very social, allowing you to make friends easily and quickly.

Yet you are apt to have a rather nervous air in the company of a large group. You have a warmhearted nature and emotional understanding that constantly seeks affection.

You are very prone to become depressed and moody, as emotions can turn inward and cause anxiety and mental turmoil. It can be hard for you to bounce back to reality when depression sets in. When things are going well, you can go just as far the other way and become extremely affectionate.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sun, sand & snooze

Just got back late last night from 3 days of sun, sand and snooze.

It was blazing and intensely hot the whole morning, the minute the ferry docked and opened it's doors for disembarkment, the rain poured. Day one was not too good, there was no breeze and the air was just stagnant, in addition to that the one hour or so heavy downpour, the humidity just kept creeping up. Anyway, things got much much better after that day.

The whole beach thing was very nice, not too crowded, sand was amazingly fine and soft - powdery soft. The blue sea was almost clear and rather warm, there were certain patches of water that were way too warm and I spied jellyfish, last count 3 jellyfish the size of my palm, with nice blue tentacles.

The bright sun, clear blue sky and clouds that adorned it, everything was just beautiful. Will go into details later, it was a really good break and I'm glad I decided to go. Now I have to catch up on some news and tie up a few loose ends. Good thing I dun have to work today.