Saturday, June 25, 2005

Mac's back

The call finally came in this afternoon, the Mac's fixed, time to go pick her up today.
So looks like my next 60 hours would be spent fussing around her, when I power her up proper tomorrow.

Hopefully this time round she would hold out longer, at least until next year when the new series of Intel Chip Powerbook launches. Then I might be able to get the current Powerbook series at a cheaper price, hee.

The next thing I need is to get the Tiger OS into her and bluetooth sync to my K700i and get my Calender 'safe'.

Look at the time! It was supposed to still be Friday, this entry was meant for Friday... it's been a whole week since I last blogged.

Well, some of the creative courses I've been conducting started early, before the school holiday ended and I've been busy preparing for them the past week. Other than that, I have been doing somewhat well for my bike practice.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Butt naked

I'm coming in on this a little late, but it just keep lingering...
Seemed like everybody wants a piece of the nude action.

So here's a piece of my own.

No butts

The song goes - I like to move it, move it...


The Mac came home on Wednesday.
So much to catch up with, it's been 4 whole months since we last touched.
So now my Tungsten is back alive after I did a sync with the Mac (Tungsten did a hard reset on me about the sametime the Mac died), there sure was a lot of forgotten memories in that PDA. I used to SMS through the Tungsten and it's revival brought back a lot of messages I'd have forgotten.

Anyway, seems like my silver beauty was not fully cured, even with a heart transplant. She went into seizure last nite, just staring at me with that cold bright startup screen of her's.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

A nothing day

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot
The world forgetting, by the world forgot
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd
Alexander Pope, "Eloisa to Abelard"
English poet & satirist (1688 - 1744)

To make a happy memory
from a memory past
Could be possible

Friday, June 10, 2005

On, off, on, off ...

Coastes did not happen.

Anyway, I'd popped by to the opening nite of my friend's 2nd solo exhibition. If you're going to be around the area - China Square Central, do come around, the real painting looks much better than the photos on the website.

Poison me

Ok, I'm gonna keep off the black label poison for a while 1... 2... 3... *Ding*
I just brought the "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" DVD at HMV recently but still holding off watching it. Deliberating.

Been a little preoccupied preparing for the workshop that was never to be, cause the approval for funding came a little late. And the workshop was supposed to start rolling from the 21st onwards, it's a photography workshop that I had planned to do for the youth fest. "... but so late how to get participants to sign-up? It's the school holidays now ..." part of the phone conversation I had with the approving commitee.

Was down at Chijmes tonight, from 10pm till late. It was not a good night to be hanging out there, the place was practically deserted, even the ever-so-popular China Jump was totally empty. As in, not a soul in sight kinda literal emptiness, if they did not have the music pumping I would have been able to hear a pin drop. So had a glass of white wine at Liberte and a lime juice at Bobby Rubino's, why I had lime juice I got not the slightest idea.

Then milled around a little between La Cave, Carnival & Esmirada. The whole Chijmes area is in dire need of a crowd, besides La Cave which is totally packed, maybe because its not that big a space in the first place, everyone else in Chijmes should just close early for the night and stop the misery.

Tomorrow over to Sentosa, I'll be going down Siloso Beach Walk to Coastes.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Been preoccupied

I'm a little schizophrenic right this moment as I try to put my thoughts in words over the last week that I've not been bloggin, partly because I'm at this very moment a little numb from too much Jack Daniel's or Johnny Walker, just back from drinking with a couple of gal friends.

What have conspired over the last week...
Been going for lots of swims and getting a little too toasted...
Been sorting out some financial numbers to make sure that I'm getting my numbers right...
Been shopping for deals since the 'Great Sale' started, nothing so far...
Been trying to claim back some late payment that were way overdue, from clients...

I'm rumbling on, and I'm missing someone dearly.
I think perhaps I should sleep earlier, and learn to take things slower.
My Mac's still not back, since I forgotten when.
My bank account is looking really grim & dire, there's loans and bills to pay.
I need to spend less, so that I have enough to clear my bills.
I signed some papers to sell the land in Canada, that we had bought.
NHB contacted me finally, but no finalised details as to what would be going down yet but should be good, still.
I got hooked on Sunshine in the Rain by Bodies Without Organs

Tonight I've seen Faith and she's looking real fine, both before and after too much whiskey. 26, Thumper. 5, 10, 15, Barumba.

Yup, need to sleep earlier, time to go find Mr Sandman.